Build data table to excel

Hello. i have one excel file and i want to put header with build data table activity and write another excel file, but when i write it it only have headers but no value on row, what is the problem ?

Can you show the workflow picture


@Hamidy1667 Do you want to Add Headers to your Excel File?

yes here it is Edit Range.xaml (51.9 KB)

yes i have on excel that i will edit it , and after edit i want to add headers and write to another excel file or csv file, csv is better

@Hamidy1667 If you want to add Headers/Columns you don’t need to use Build Datatable Activity, I guess you can Read the Excel File, Get the Datatable as Output, Edit the Datatable as you wanted to, Add the Headers/Columns using Add Data Column Activity and Write the Datatable to another Csv File that you want using Write Csv Activity.

If you have any Questions, Please ask them.

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you mean first i should out put data table from excel file and after that should i put add data column?

but earlier i used build data table from web scraping data and it worked very well but with excel it doesnt

@Hamidy1667 Yes, Build Data Table is just used to Build a Schema for the Datatable, and if you want to Add Default Values you can add them, but to Add values Dynamically to it, you’ll need to use Add Data row Activity.

Using Read Range Activity will Directly give you the Datatable with the Excel Data in it. Hence you don’t need to use Build Datatable.

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can please check my work flow upper, im little lost now, i f you have to time to tell more simple way

i want to name 6 cloumn so ,replace another excel values unther this new column names, these values changing dynmacilly so i want stable column name

@Hamidy1667 Do you want to Rename the Columns in the Excel File and put in a CSV File?

initially there is no name for columns its just a row, but i want to put for every column a name, like a b c d e f , 6 cloumn name, and with this names save it to csv

@Hamidy1667 Can you provide your Excel File as well ? If Possible Show us the Expected Excel output File.

res.xlsx (7.8 KB)
this is excel file, that first one column will delet, then i want to name header for columns and write new csv file

this is expected output
res out.xlsx (9.3 KB)

@Hamidy1667 Can you Check this Workflow :
Edit (12.0 KB)

The Number of names provided in the NewColumnNames variable should be the same as the Number of Columns in the Original Excel.

Also Will the Excel Have Empty Columns present ?

yes the number wıll be same as 6 and there ıs one empty column that ı wıll delet ıt fırst

ı thınk somthing wrong with the workflow that you created

@Hamidy1667 Can you Update packages in the xaml, manly the UiPath.Core.Activities and UiPath.Excel.Activities to the Latest Version