Selector Issue<URGENT>

I am using the get text activity to fetch some values from browser, these values i am fetching come from single browser window but these values differ for different employees. Now i created a workflow for a single employee, Now when i run for different employees i get the same values as the first employees which was the reference when i created the workflow, to me it seems like a selector issue and i am attaching the selector opened in ui explorer.

The value which i have highlighted seems to be somehow static and for every employees this value seems to be extracted even though the browser opened is for a different employee. i even tried to change the aaname field in the selector from that value to * thinking that it would make it dynamic but to no use.

Hi @shekhawat.arjun1307 !

Just to clarify, there are multiple labels with the employees numbers in the page that your trying to collect information? Or there is only one employee number showing up?

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Hi @Marcelo_Guimaraes the issue is that i open the webpage from outlook(hyperlink in a mail) and this webpage contains info about a particular employee( in this case the no - 11603669) and this value will differ if i open this webpage for a different employee. Now i used the get text activity to fetch these info from the webpage with respect to a particular employee, now when i run the same workflow for another employee ideally the get text activity should fetch the info with respect to the new employee but this is not happening. It always fetches the first record(first record in the sense the first employee for which i created the workflow). i want to make the fetching dynamic rather than static.

This is a selector issue indeed. Try to fine tune the selectors by deselecting the ‘aaname’ item or selecting other items as ‘css-selector’, ‘parentclass’, or changing the DIV container.