Need help with links extraction from multiple popup windows

Tried using For each UI element for the website above but failed. Any sample or reference really appreciated.

Hi @Anas_Sharafudeen,

Did you try Extract datatable activity or Table extraction?

In Modern:

In Classic:


Hope this helps.

Hi @Anas_Sharafudeen ,

You can try the table extraction method to get the info from the mentioned website as suggested by @Harshith_Adyanthaya ,


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My objective is to extract data within the each element. When you click on it Popup windows comes up providing additional info about respective element but website/link of the exhibitor is hidden with javascript popup as well when you href. Iam trying to extract it through href as my attribute.

Extract data using Table extraction. Then use for each row to loop through each data and click.


make aaname is variable


Or you can try using tableRow as differenciater


We can achieve this using ForEachUiElement and GetAttrbiute as the following. Can you try this?


Sample (6.4 KB)