Click on Hyperlink from the Table Extraction Data

Hi all,

can anyone guide me please

I have extracted all the cloumns info using Table Extraction and kept it in Extract Data Table of DataTable Variable type.

For every Company I need to click on each hyperlink .
Which is for Company xxxx I need to click on 135 file hyperlink and for the Compnay YYY I need to click on 185 file hypelink and so on…

May I please know how to achieve it. Thanks in advance

Hi @saritha
You can achieve this by two ways

  1. By data scrapping

While datascrappping if there is a possibility to scrap the url links present inside the hyperlinks, and store it as seperate columns. After that you can use lookup activity to get the url value corresponding to the company name

  1. By uiautomation

If the hyperlink is not getting extracted, then next approach will be doing ui automation

here, first extract the datatable and store in datatable variable. Then loop through each row in datatable and inside it use anchor base to click the hyperlink by keeping the company name as anchor via find element & click activity to click the hyperlink

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Nived N

Hello @saritha

Are you trying to extract a table or dome pattern based data?

I would suggest to go with the Table extraction in the modern designer. There you can find an option to capture the url also. So in the datatable extracted you will get all the necessary urls.

Then you can use for each row in datatable activity and open the url using open browser, instead of the click activity.

Thanks , here in this video i need to select invoice link to download based on the date.
How can i achieve it

Thanks in advacne

here im not getting any url for me

Will it be possible to share a screenshot of the page and which invoice you are trying to download from it