Extract data from web application using table extraction and copy to clipboard

Hi All,
I am trying to extract data from a web application. I am able to use table extraction to extract the data but within the table, the values are getting clipped as it doesnt show the entire value on the screen. There is a copy button next to each value which is visible on hover. I am trying to achieve this if someone can help.


How about using ForEachUiElement instead of table extraction?
We can click each element row by row.


Hi @Yoichi - Thank you so much for replying. If I give input as Current element and not browser in click activity, how can I specify/click on the copy button?


One small tweak…

Use for each ui elements activity and indicate the row where you need to hover that is the center column

Now inside for each activity use a hover element activity with currentElement as input

After hover use a click activity to click on the copy button…but make sure the copy button does not have info about the row so that the same selector can be used across

If you are unable to find the generic copy button then we can try using find children and get the copy button selector and use it inside the loop

Hope this helps