Extract data from Multiple tables on a single web page

Hi - I am trying to extract data which has multiple tables in different format it seems. I am using for each UI element activity. In the second table, the value column has data which clipped if the display is too long. Full value can be copied using copy icon which is visible on hover.
However, the click doesn’t recognize the icon on all rows. Would be great if someone can help. Attaching an image for the same.


Before click try to use a hover on the row and then perform a click on the copy

Hover activity will help in hovering on row …I hope once you hover the copy appears


Hello @minesh.kumar

  1. Use Data Scraping to extract table data.
  2. Simulate hover with Hover or Hover Text activity.
  3. Click the copy icon.
  4. Use Get from Clipboard to extract copied data.
  5. Process the extracted data as needed.

Thanks & Cheers!!!

Hi @minesh.kumar,

Instead of clicking the copy button, you can use the “Get Text” activity and increment the ID in the selector. This way, it will be dynamic, and you can easily extract the data.

Note: If data Scraping does not work then you can use this.

@Anil_G - How can I iterate through the specific column and all rows of each ui element?
Attaching screenshot below where “CurrentLabel_1” is the column where I need to hover and click the copy icon which is available only on hover. Also, the CurrentLabel_1 column is coming up as “String” variable. If I change it to UiElement and run, it gives an error


Indicate any other column or the full row as the ui element in for eqch ui element…give current elemenet in hover…and then use a common selector for clicking on copy…

Or use find children and pass the current element as input element and filter and get the copy button selector and use it in the click actovity


Hi @Anil_G - Below is my strict selector. It is always returning the value from first row even though i see it iterating through all the rows

SyntaxEditor Code Snippet



Please remove idx=‘1’ and try


Hi @Anil_G - I tried but its still clicking the first. Below is my complete flow

And below is my selector properties for click



Fid you remove the idx=‘1’

Can you try indicating the second copy element and see if it says idx=‘2’

If so then in for loop you have approperty currentIndex use it in place of 1 in the selector

Or as second option try using the find children and with filter <webctrl tag='svg' colname='Value' tablecol='3' />

And in input element pass the current element…I hope you indicated whole row in the for each



idx doesnt come up if I indicate second copy element but the TableRow changes from 2 to 3. I had removed Table row earlier. How can I increment by tablerow for all the rows?




You are not getting idx because you are using tablerow in it…

Use the table row in all and use a currentindex variable

< webctrl tag='svg' colname='Value' tablecol='3' tabelrow={{index}}/>`

Index is a variable which you will use assign and use index = currenIndex + 1…should be used inside for loop


@Anil_G = How can I get currentIndex? Sorry for asking all the questions. You have been really very helpful



Selector might not be validated…without a default value…

You need not define variable with currentindex…if you type current you should see it …it is an inbuild value


Thanks a lot @Anil_G … You have been super helpful. I am able to extract the data now

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Hi @Anil_G - I have one more similar issue. Below is the screenshot of data that I want to scrape from the web page.
Both data scraping and UI element are unable to scrape all the values as the value under User Name and Platform are in separate div class /a class/ than the other values i.e. Node Nickname, NodeID and UserID.
How can I scrape them to get all info at once.

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