Data Scraping not printing values

Hi all,

Can Any one help me out with this.

I used to scrape the data using Data Scraping and trying to print those values from the DataTable. But not printing any values.

But When I debug it, came to know that Data Table is having Data with in the loop. As soon as coming out of the DataScraping loop, the DataTable value is null.

thanks In Advance

Hi @saritha,
Change the scope of the datatable variable.


Thank you for ur reply.

I did that as well, still not getting the values.


Hi @saritha ,

Could you also Check if there are two datatable variables of the same name?

Also, if the data is within the loop, maybe the Datatable is being reset to Empty or being Cleared when it comes outside of the Loop.

More Insights on the Extraction method using Screenshots can help us assist you better.

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ok. checked for same DT names.

Here is screenshot

@saritha ,

Could you Please Select the Extract Structured Data Activity and Click on Variables Section and Send the Screenshot of it?


Checked again for the same DT names.

Yes, I’ve given same two DT names. As u said I removed one DT name and its working now.

Tanks a lot.

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