Need help on reading a value from an excel and search in a web page drop down list

I have a list of customers available in an Web page Drop down button. A smaller list maintained in an excel sheet. Now I’m reading each customer from excel sheet and trying to select the read customer from the Web page drop down list and continue my process. I’m trying to achieve this by clicking the drop down list and doing ‘CTRL+F’, type in the customer read from excel and click the found text to select the customer from the drop down. However my Ctrl+F is not generating a search box.

Greatly appreciate any ideas to get over this or a better alternative to achieve this?

Read your excel and use For each row to read values one by one then insert “Select Item” activity to select the item from the drop down box.Inside Item enter row(0).tostring if the element is in the first column.

Thanks Karthick for a quick reply. When I tried ‘Select Item’ Activity on my Drop down list, I get an error ‘This Control does not support Select Item’. Not sure if you have encountered this and have an idea to overcome this.
In the meanwhile, I have achieved my select from drop down using a series of hot keys though, but still wanted to explore your solution as it could be a better way of doing it.

Please refer these posts

Thanks Karthick, I was able to achieve this by using ‘Click’ Activity twice

  1. First to click the Drop down button
  2. Then Click activity on one of the values and then edited the selector to pass the variable that I read from Excel

This is faster and easier than the hot key way I tried initially.

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Can you share your .xaml file for the above as I am trying to do the similar thing for my work?

Hi Prameelaj,
The .XAML file is huge comprising many other functionalities and it would probably take sometime for you to understand where I selected from drop down. You will not be able to run it and see as its on intranet website. So I extracted the steps that I used below, let me know if it helps.

  1. Use click item Activity on the select button
  2. Use click item Activity again and select any of the drop down item, now expand the Target on the properties and find the selector. Edit the selector value like below where as ‘SCAIParm’ is the value i’m passing to select from drop down.

3) If you face issues with editing the selector on the click activity, copy the above to another variable using assign activity and use that variable in the selector of click activity.

Let me know if it helps.