Finding dynamic Excel value and searching in drop list of web browser

How can I get a value from excel so that the [robot] select it from the drop-down list in the browser?
For example, below is the web link

Excel format would be:

Thank you.

Hi @Vivek_Pandey2

  1. Read the excel file using Read Range Workbook activity

    Input: Excel File Path & Excel Sheet Name to read
    Output: Data Table variable type

  2. Loop the Data Table using For Each Row In Data Table activity

  3. Read the Row Color Data using CurrentRow

strColour = CurrentRow.Item(“Colour”).ToSting

  1. Now with Web Scrapping, use ‘Select Item’ activity to scrap Colour dropdown field and set input as strColour to it.

If you want to add an inspection, use ‘Get Text’ activity and set the property to ‘Full Text’
Read the dropdown data in form of text, validate the strColour with the Get Text output and if the colour option contains in it. Then proceed else throw a exception saying, the strColour was not matched with dropdown data.


@chethan.dinnupati Thanks for the resolution.
I am confused how to use the text to copy and search in drop down.

Also, what if I want to search the model from drop down.

can you help design with the logic what should i exactly enter.

Did you try macros? @Vivek_Pandey2 which could solve your issue

you meant to say excel vba macro?

Yes, I meant that only

yes, but i want to design simple thing such a way like,

if SV14 is model… its should be able to open the dropdown and find the same.