Unable to match value from the excel cell to that in the drop down list on the website

Hi @Alex_Cross @Manjuts90 @Rishi1 @patent-atanaka @loginerror @nadim.warsi

Dear All,

I am trying to select every single entry in an excel row in a drop down list on a website.

Attached here is the excel sheet that I am working on and the work flow design in xaml file.

can anybody advice me on how I can match the values in excel to drop down list on the website and select them.

Book2.xlsx (8.7 KB)
Main.xaml (17.4 KB)

You should Open a browser first, then read the excel and then in for each loop Attach Browser and select each item that you want.



Please check my workflow before replying.

Yes I have checked, what I am suggesting is -

  1. Use Open Browser activity
  2. Use excel application scope and read your file
  3. Apply a for each loop and use Attach Browser Activity
  4. Then try to select

In your workflow you have used Open Browser after for each loop. Because of which you could only check the last item that was looped. Select Item should be used in that loop

Also the sheet you have attached is empty, so I am unable to test your workflow



I guess you did not understand my question.

I am trying to match the values in excel to and select items from the drop down list on the website.

Can you show me how to do it? I have provided you with necessary documents

I guess my work flow is correct but I am unable to match the field values in excel to those in the drop down list on the website.

Please advice.

See if you want to match each and every values from Excel to Dropdown, you should perform each steps in For each loop only.

Sorry if I have misunderstood your question


See this sample

Main (3).xaml (19.6 KB)

It can get you the attribute of that dropdown and also select the dropdown value



Hi @ Tom1989
Please find attached working flow. I excel for column “Block” I have changed the value from “Tower 1” to “Block/Tower 1”.
RegardsSelect_Drop_Down.zip (18.4 KB)

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Hi @kirti.iyer and @PrankurJoshi, I am seeing following error in the workflows that I downloaded from your individual replies:


Please advice. I am not able to proceed further.

Go to Package Manager and see what packages it show to update/install.

UiPath.System.Activies and UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities would be sufficient I guess


hi @PrankurJoshi, I installed the packages but received another error:

hi @loginerror @Rishi1 @Manjuts90 @PrankurJoshi @kirti.iyer @patent-atanaka

I am receiving following error even after installing system and uiautomation packages:

Please can you tell me why and how to resolve it?

HI @Gabriel_Tatu @kirti.iyer, It doe not work. Can you try again please.

Please try the below message.



Oct 5

Hi @PrankurJoshi @loginerror

Thanks for the update.I have tried that but cannot update those package.
Pop up this message Unable to resolve dependency ‘Microsoft.Rest.ClientRuntime’

But i can run the program after did some tricky workaround.
Edit the xaml using MemoPad, and delete CurrentIndex=“{x:Null}” in (2018.2.4 version).

Thanks again for your time.

@kirti.iyer, I did that before receiving your reply.

Please, can you explain in detail what exactly did you do in these two steps:

I am still not able to run this workflow.

it will first click zone to pop out dropdown.
second click to select the zone from drop down.(no screenshot)

likewise for all drop downs

Hi @kirti.iyer, Did you also edit the selector and activity names. If yes, can you tell me what did you do?

for first click i didn’t change any selector
for selecting values from drop down (second click) i have changed the selectors.
activity names are not been changed.

for second click i indicated the whole drop down then changed the selectors and then removed the informative screen shot.

Hi @kirti.iyer I can’t really understand this, can you explain it to me please:


What exactly have you added or changed in the above argument?

Where did you get ‘dijit_menuitem from’?

Is the ‘*’ following it added by you?

How did you get the tag ‘TD’?