Need help in the "Get text" of the compound case. and want each element to be stored in different variables?

Hello there,

As shown in the above pic,
I want I try to get the text from the website using “get text” activity. The entire section (email , username, password, website, browser user agent) are getting hovered.

I want to store each element in the separate variable, such that ( in variable “email”, (wasom1984) in the variable (username), and so on.

Please give me the solution or sample workflow to make sure the same is done according to our requirement.

Please make it quick if possible because it is highly urgent.

I am trying to store entire section in a variable “compound”
and then using another variable to split the sections by new line.
ie:- strArray = compund.tostring.split(Environment.newline.tochararray())

and then using strarray(0), strarray(1), etc

to do the same. but to not avail.
Please send the sample workflow if possible.

Experts:- @aksh1yadav, @pathrudu, @robot, @erika

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Check if the whole can be extracted as Table via Data Scrapping. This would make it very easy for you to assign values and use them wherever required.


Hi @Ashish32229 ,
I liked the way you think.
OK, I can store the entire section in a variable “check”
And now how can I write it or use it in the separate element and store in the unique variables.??
Please respond.
Thanks and Regards,

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If data is stored in Datatable then you need to assign values as DT.Rows(0)(“ColumnName”).ToString.


Hi @Ashish32229,

Yes bro, I get that. but what I was asking is,
I use “get text” and store it into a “generic value” variable. Now how do I write this generic value into the excel sheet as the “data table” variable.

Only if I could do that, my problem will be solved.

Please help.

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Please refere to below link

I am not able to use data scraping because I just wanted to partition the single element into various variables.

That is exactly why I made use of get text and after the split the section with the help of CharArray for proper use. But I was getting syntax error.

But as you said, if I try to use data scrapping on it. I cant select more than one element since I am concerned with only one section.

So storing that section in the cell of excel sheet (for example A1) makes no sense because the element will still be considered as a whole.

When you said that theres way to separate the section through datatable I was convenced but then now I am not able to find the way where I can retrieve the entire section and write it in the excell sheet in the proper parrent from where I can read the particular data.

PLease help.

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what is the selector you are getting for each field?


Please check the images to see…
like in the first one see, how it shows that the entire section (including client id, client name and client country) is choosen as a group element .

But I need to select them separately.

Also check out the second image to show the selector of the entire section as a whole.

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ACME Advanced Certificate exam purpose?

fessss.xaml (7.9 KB)

please go through this XAMAL

fessss.xaml (8.2 KB)

please go through this

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Thank you s much buddy.
That resolved my issue.