Data table in web page

Hello again guys
I’m trying to get the first column of a table in a web page, I’ve tried to get text, but when selecting the first column, and try to add it to an excel, throws an exception, explaining that the variable is not initialized, I’ve also tried add the first column to a note, but add all the data, in addition to what is below the table …
Any idea how I can do it?
I would appreciate your answers

Did you trying assigning the output of Get Text activity to a New variable and then write the New variable to excel sheet ?
Make sure selector is not static, Use UIExplorer.

thank you for you answare.
I tried it, but when assigning a new variable to get text, it is a generic variable, and the write range activity of excel requires a data table type variable, in addition I can change the type of variable to data table, but, when writing in the excel sheet, throws an exception, explaining that the variable is not initialized

Can you share your workflow. ?

of corse (1.2 MB)

ok, I’ve modified a little. This should write the Get Text value to your excel.
It will work fine even if you scrape multiple data (But your scraping should also be in a loop).

Good luck.

Main.xaml (40.5 KB)