How to store for each every transaction value in one variable

can anyone suggest idea to store every iterated getNewsText variable value in one cell


In an assign use string variable in the left and in the right side have the variable + newGetTextValue


If you want to assign all values to a single variable.

Then First use Add to Collection Activity and store all the Get text values to the collection variable.

Then use For each and assign collection values to a single variable.

A Manohar

@Arun_Pondhe use the Get Text activity to save the value of the text scraped, getNewsText

Assign that to MasterString. MasterString = MasterString + " " + getNewText.ToString

Hi @Jarzzz,

i have quite similar situation, i have web table which contains lot of column value which i need to scrap the text and store it in one variable and compare the scraped value with excel datatable, but the text will be dynamic, it will change for every user.
How to achieve it?

i tried with get text activity and store in one variable, but it doesn’t show the scraped text in message box.