Need Help in Extract Data Table

Hi, My question is that some of distributors website have UPC codes of products. If we will see in the main page of all products we didn’t find the UPC Code of product. But when we will open in new tab of one product there we can see the UPC codes are available in descriptions. So how we can get this UPC to use open new tabs of each product. Can you please guide me Thanks.

I am geeting data from main page of distributor but i don’t know how to collect UPC codes from seperate seperate tabs.

Hi @arsalanrasheed143,
I am assuming that from your main page of distributor list, you are able to get the URL which you need to open in separate tabs. Once this is done, use the steps mentioned here - to open the URL in a new tab -

Make sure to close this tab after use using hotkeys - Ctrl + w, this will ensure that you do not open a lot of tabs which might confuse the container activity.

Let me know if this helps


Hello @arsalanrasheed143
Plz check the get attribute activity. Then check whether the code is available as an attribue. Else get the url and open in new tab. Then get the required data. Then close that tab.


Hi Nishant, Hope you are doing well.
I am trying to get extract data from one of Distributor website. I am getting data from 1st page but when i am trying to go to next button and nevigate “>” its not working only 1 page extract.
Secondly, I am using the url and type into chrome browser and then i need one data of each product is called UPC Code. I can’t get this code and type in my excel sheet which i have extract and type this code in front of each product column. I can share you website link also my main.xaml file. If you can help me out in this.
Website Url:
1st Page Url: Commercial Frying Pans: Non-Stick, Carbon Steel, & More
Each Product Url to get the UPC Code: Choice 10" Aluminum Non-Stick Fry Pan

Main.xaml (109.1 KB)