Looking to Scrape UPC Code (Variable Location) on Multiple Websites

I’d like to scrape a few UPC (unique 12 digit codes specific to products) from an online catalog. However, the UPC text and UPC code are always located in different parts of the built-in table of the URL. What’s the best way for me to scrape the UPC code of each website? I’ve included examples of 2 websites below along with their relative location in the built-in table.

3M Product
(Column 2, Row 17, UPC = 048011296128)

(Column 2, Row 14, UPC = 041333844015)

I have already gathered the URLs that I need.

Thank you!!!

@Bhavik_Doshi Check this Workflow :
Data Scraping.xaml (11.0 KB)

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I had no idea you could simply change the selector to include rowName=‘UPC’… thank you so so much!!!

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