How to Extract data from Multiple tables on webpage

Hello folks,

My Problem is scrape data from Multiple Tables on Web page .
Using Web Scrapping i can only extract structured data of First Table but i need help how to extract data from all the tables on web page.
please your help is highly appreciated

i have a web page examples as below
Main.xaml (33.8 KB)

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You should use datascrapping for extracting data table from browser

Buddy @namrata.lohia1

Welcome to uipath community buddy…! Thats a good question to start with…

Buddy here is a sample xaml for your url (3.8 KB)

Remaining on the way buddy
EDIT: May be the same approach buddy for the remaining …would be happy if you were able to …kindly revert for any queries or clarification


is that working buddy…the sample one @namrata.lohia1

i edited my code but still i am not able to do it ,can you please help and take a look . i am still confused where should i use retry scope activity and append the data in same file.
please find the attached file (2.7 KB)

Do you think you could help me with my code? I have a list of websites where i have to extract all of the tables that are on the website, yet some have numerous tables while others only have 1 and nothing has worked so far. Also hopefully the tables that are all on one website can be archived in one excel.