Need help Append File activity


Need your help for this.

I have a scenario where i need to move all the files (excel) into a different location (shared one),
and i need to consolidate the all the sheets with the single one by keeping the same header of the individual sheet. I am using append activity,but i am seeing the results like this (screen shot attached), attached is also the xamlfile too

Please suggestAppendExcel.docx (83.7 KB) Merge Excel Data into Master Sheet.xaml (8.0 KB)

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@Ram0803 In xaml you are using both write range and append range activity,remove write range activity.


Thanks for this, it really worked, but in the master sheet, I am not seeing Headers

Screen shot attachedNo Headers

@Ram0803 If you want headers you can use merge datable activity.
Please find the attached xaml (26.3 KB)



It worked… Thank you.

Ram :v:

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