How to add the data to excel file from diff excel files

Hi Team,

I have scenario like i need to add the data to the master excel from different excel file

eg: master file have 20 row
other files have 10 rows each so i need to add all 10 row from each excel file into the master file
Master.xlsx = excel1.xlsx+excel2.xlsx+excel3.xlsx
20 row= 10 row+ 10 row+ 10 row

the result should be 50 rows in the master file

Please Help Me I use append row and merger activity but am not getting the proper OP


Try with Append Range activity

Hope this will help you


Hi @copy_writes

Please try this

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Hope this works.

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HI @copy_writes

Use the Read range activity Master.xlsx

Store the value in the DTMaster

Use the Read Range Activity to read all the data from the excel1.xlsx

Store the value in the DT

Use Append Range activity



Hi @copy_writes ,

You can try using the Merge DataTable Activity as you Loop for each File in Folder, as long as the headers are the same


If the headers aren’t same, then additional info along with some sample data would be most appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

I use that one but am not get the proper op

can you please show the flow?

I use to like this

extract the files from the folder
use for each
inside am reading each excel file and use append range activity
outside of the loop I use write rang

this i done in my workflow but the result we have in excel 1 is not comming

I use to merge data tables as well but it’s not working because we have an excel according to the moth we are saving the file

like if today’s run means we are saving the file with today’s name master file or if the file name was changed not equal to today’s month we need to save in a different file

Hi @copy_writes ,

Its difficult to provide a concrete resolution without test data but I’ll try my best.

Whatever condition you wish to impose onto the automation, you can do so using the If Activity.

For example, if you want to skip files that don’t meet a given criteria, you can use the Continue Activity


Here is a very basic template for you to get started with.

MergeExcelFiles.xaml (7.8 KB)

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

I use to like this