Excel append data


I have 2 Excel files in local download folder
With the same file name and both will have same header names and sheets names(will have 2 sheets)

I need to append data into one excel file

Can one help me on this please

@Arya_Squares Use Append Range activity.
For Starters help, kindly check out this video

way1 : read the both excel and use merge datatable activity , after write it on any of one excel.


way2 : read one of excel and use append range activity on other sheet.

Hello @Arya_Squares

It is Impossible to same for 2 excel files in same folder. There will be some changes in file name.
consider “File1”, “File2”

  1. Read the file which you need to copy to other excel. For ecxample Read file 2.
  2. Use append range activity, and select path of file 1, and data table variable pass from the read range of file2.

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