How to Append file excel 2 sheet?

I want to append file excel all file in folder.

If I have 2 File in folder , I want to append 2file but first sheet with first sheet and second sheet with second sheet.
Book1.xlsx (8.7 KB)
Book2.xlsx (8.7 KB)
output.xlsx (8.8 KB)

Please guide me about it.


You can read both excel and you will get two different datatables.
take write range, provide path of excel in which u want to append, give sheet names as per your names like first sheet & second sheet.

Hi @fairymemay ,

Here is an activity called “Merge / Append Sheet ByRow” from “BalaReva.EasyExcel.Activities”.


@Pankaj.Patil Please guide activity or example flow to me?

@fairymemay - Please try like this…

Hope this helps…

Update: Apologize…I missed the Read Range before …

@prasath17 From your flow. I think it append all sheet all file to new file one sheet.

I want first sheet (file1) append with first sheet (file2) ---->write in outputfile3
and second sheet (file1) append with second sheet (file2)----> write in outputfile3 and write it new sheet.

@fairymemay - No it will not…Please give it a try (you are just guessing right)…I have already ran the sample workflow…and it is working fine…

@fairymemay - Please wait…you case seems to be different where the Output.xlsx already exist…let me retry…

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@fairymemay - Why the sheet names in book1 and book2 are different??? it should be same right??

@prasath17 Yes,Sheet name are different.

Could you map sheet with first sheet in book1 and first sheet in book2 ,
second sheet in book1 and second sheet in book2 ?

Thank you for your support.

@fairymemay - I will give it a try today …

One question: Are you allowed to Use BalaReva activities in your organizatio?

@prasath17 yes, I​ can​ use​ it.

@fairymemay - Have you tried as @balupad14 showed?

@prasath17 I​ don’t​ know​ how​ to​ apply​ balareva in​ this​ case.

Please​ guide​ me​ about​ it.

hi @Hiba_B - When you get a chance , could you please take a look this query from @fairymemay …?


Sure, I am starting to develop a WF suggestion :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Here is my suggestion: Append_sheets_with_order.xaml (11.8 KB)
I did not use Balareva activities.
Before running the WF, be sure to modify the argument to that it fits your folder_path:

And let us know if it does not work properly !
Also don’t forget to remove the “*end” and the end of your excel files :wink:

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@Hiba_B - Looks like your idea is similar is fine(please see my post above), you have used index and i have used file.exists…But her case looks different I guess based on the workbook @fairymemay provided…

Another downside of this approach(both yours and mine) is AppendRange on the sheet 2 won’t write the headers… :wink: :yum:

@fairymemay - Could you please provide the correct sheet names for your cases , both book 1 and book2 ?

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Well by using the index I specify if I want the headers or not, and at the end I get the headers:

when i read only the first file (so when I have index = 0), I use write range with add headers.
Once the first file is read, I only use append range for the next files.
→ that way I don’t have to worry about the headers
→ I have 2 index (one is index_of_sheets, the other one is index of file)


@Hiba_B - Got it …I have missed to notice the two indexes… :frowning_face: