How to go to next records in rows in excel

Hi UiPath Experts,

I have an excel which has user names in 1st column and team names in 2nd one. I have created UiPath steps which would read data from A1 and store in variable and similarly for B1. I am further using these variables in user-team assignment in some BPC, which is SAP application.

I have used ‘For each row’ activity so that it would go to A2 and B2, thereafter A3 and B3 and so on…

Current program is working well for A1 and B1. I am functional person and hence not aware about the syntax to be written in place of A1 and B1 in ‘Read cell’ activity.

Attaching relevant screenshots. Can anyone please help?

  • Sameer Lonkar


Rather than using read cell activity you can use an assign activity to read the data from datable.
In the assign activity create a variable and give it value: row(0).toString for first column data and row(1).toString for column 2 data

Reading excel.xaml (9.0 KB)

Here is a workflow I’ve made for you.

You can use these variable in your SAP application wherever you want :slight_smile:


Niket Ghai

Many thanks. Loop is working properly now.

Now we have another challenge. We have one screen (see attached) in application where we assign team to user. Team is getting searched properly in text box by referring from excel file. We are using ‘Click’ activity to click the first check box (see encircled), so that the team will get assigned to user. But this is working only for first loop. For second one it is failing. We even tried ‘Double click text’, ‘Double click OCR text’ activities, but same result.

Is there any other better way to do it? Are we committing any mistake in ‘Click’ activity?

Please attach the selector of the click activity!

Thanks for reply. Below is the selector as requested by you. Even screenshot is attached. Hope this is what you are asking for.