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I am working on calculate client security hash and when I run program it fetches data correctly from acme website and then filters correctly for type = WI5 and status= “open” in system1workitems.xaml workflow. Inspite of having data nothing gets processed and it says there are no more transactions. It seems like gettransactionsdata.xaml only fetches first record. Attached are all workflows.

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Hi @RISHI4897,

Update the value of ‘TransactionNumber’ manually by assigning TransactionNumber=TransactionNumber+1 in the finally section of process transaction block in main.xaml.



Thanks for reply.I tried what you suggested but the problem still persists. I have completed workflows in process.xaml to get client ID, Client Country etc. Those aren’t getting executed as well because it doesn’t process any transaction for some reason. I tried putting output statement in gettransactionsdata.xaml so everytime if condition returns true it will print out Out_TransactionItem but it prints only once so basically I think the issue is it’s not iterating over all the fetched data. I am not sure how to fix it. If you could look again that would be of great help.

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Hi @RISHI4897,

I can’t download the .zip file. Could you please upload it once again?

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Here you go.Thanks for looking into this (522.7 KB)


Hi @RISHI4897,

Thank you for the upload. In your workflow, the datatype for “Transaction Item” was defined differently in different workflows. Your transaction item type is string in “GetTransactionData” workflow. So you can use the same type in all workflows. Also you missed some argument binding. If you are using “Invoke Workflow File” activity, don’t forget to ‘import arguments’ from the invoked file and bind it with the current workflow.

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