My process stuck in endless loop

Calculate Client Security (1.2 MB)

Hey every one,
i am doing right now the uipath academy Calculate Client Security Hash assignment.

for some reason my project is in a loop, the loop keeps give me the same row and not going next to the next row.

hope you can help me with that.



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Have you commented out anything Set TransactionStatus workflow ?

If yes then uncomment things. TransactionNumber will be incrementing in this part only.

i have added the set transaction status workflow of mine.


You deleted many things in this workflow and because of that Transaction number not incrementing.

Copy SetTransactionStatus.xaml file from new process and you place it here.

the problem is not by the set transaction status, its something else.

the problem first is that the project takes values with status completed and not go to the next row.

i tried to find the problem all day :frowning:


May be other workflows also contains some errors but TransactionNumber will be increment in SetTransactionStatus.xaml workflow. As you deleted that part in this workflow because of that it’s going to infinite loop.

it took me some time,
there was missing a value to an argument - transactionItem.
the xaml file of SetTransactionStatus.xaml did not make any problem.
I got score of 100/100 for this project now.

Thank you so much for trying to help.
Best Regards,

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Hi I am facing the same problem… please tell me how did u fix it?

Hey SBJ,
what if you problem exacly?
can you share your xmal file??

@orengolan @lakshman

Hello Everyone

I have created a REF workflow for excel automation with multiple rows, but it is always getting into endless loop and taking only the initial transaction item.

I am not sure what i am doing wrong here, Can anyone help me with this issue?

I have attached the whole workflow with all the initial files.

Please check. (1.0 MB)