Need assist in REframework (unique reference)

Hi Guys, @nv08 @Palaniyappan
Could you check my workflow and please provide the solution.

Everything using Reframework

  1. Extract data from any web(as of now-- acme) and store in a data table
  2. using bulk add queue upload the item into queue which will not duplicate(using unique reference in queue)
  3. in process showing the message box each item in the queue.

please anybody can help me out in Reframework workflow. (1.0 MB)

Thanks in advanced

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Hi @Jesmine ,

What’s the error you are getting?

Hi @Pradeep_Shiv
thank you for reaching out to me.


“message”: “Add Queue Item: Error creating Transaction. Duplicate Reference. Error code: 1016”,
“level”: “Error”,
“logType”: “Default”,
“timeStamp”: “12:37:39”,
“processVersion”: “1.0.0”,
“jobId”: “cf5158bc-8b9f-44f9-98d3-b491f37ed38c”,
“robotName”: “Robot_Phase_1”,
“machineId”: 1010980,
“organizationUnitId”: 1045178,
“fileName”: “ForWorkItemsToQueue”,
“logF_BusinessProcessName”: “Framework”

Please check my workflow

Hi @Jesmine

I think the issue is of duplicating

Since u had use unique reference in queue as row(“Type”).ToString , i think as per the acme website it is this

Which is actually not unique for a all the workitems, it is sometime same for two different workitems

So that is why the error is thrown by Add queue item stating that it is dupliacting

So to avoid this kind of error, use unique values for each workitems like the WIID

It is unique for every workitems

so in unique reference section add queue item , use

row(“WIID”).ToString as it is unique for every workitems/Queue items which we are going to add in the queue

Hope the above information helps you


Nived N

Happy Automation

Thank you…
Did you check my workflow? I was able to did that but when i have enable in unique reference is Yes in orchestrator its not working. I have used in both link add bulk queue and add queue.
Please check my workflow and make a solution.


Hi @Jesmine

The changes u had to make is highlighted in yellow here

In reference section instead of row(“Type”).ToString use



Nived N

Happy Automation


hi Nived Thanks a lot…
I found out the solution.
@ bcorrea could you please check it?

Could you tell me please
i have 2 input sources. one is extracted data from web like acme another is excel.
Application 1 and application 2 is related each other.
so from web extracted data fill up application 1 and
excel data filup application 2 and it is related and sequential like first process app1 then process app2 for first transaction and getting data from web is app1 and excel is app2.
Using reframework and all data store in queue. how it is possible?
Please modify my workflow and upload it again for this kind of requirements.

Please Nived.


Hi Jasmine

So u need is for every transaction

  1. Bot need to extract data from web and excel

  2. Then it need to update in app1 and app2

Is it right?


  1. Bot need to extract data from web and excel
    and push it to queue.
  2. Then it need to update in app1 and app2
    web data for app1
    like excel data for app2
    both are related with each other. Since for first transaction (web and excel)

Thank you to reach me early

Did the Data should be stored in same queue ?

it should be different. please modify my workflow and upload updated workflow…

And u need this all the process in one reframework itself ?

yes and in process state you can use massage box for displaying the items

And one more thing

Do.u need the uploading to queue and processing from the queues in single reframework?

Or it should be seperated as dispacter or performer? @Jesmine

yes, it will be processing from queue and single reframework. in orchestrator queue section we need to use unique reference.

Hope everything is fine! Did you check?

Thank you

Hope you are doing well!
Could you tell me this task is fine for you? Or should I looking to someone?
Please let me know. It is urgent for me.

Thank you

Hi @Jesmine

Sorry , i got busy due to some works

But i think we can make the process more better by consoliadting all the data in one queue with specific reference to data for app1 and app2

Let me share the first the workflow for that

No problem… I am agree for one queue but we need to use “unique reference”. And specific data goes to related application.
Workflow I have shared in first thread. You can display the data using msg box in “process”. (1.0 MB)
Web captured data is working fine for me.

Thank you Nived