Re framework automatically uploads queue data

Good afternoon everyone

I have a big problem

and created two robots
the first robot is simple use a read range and a for each and upload the data to the orchestrator
the second robot was created in the re framework and processes the orchestrator data

my problem is that from time to time the re framework of the process robot, duplicates the data uploaded to the orhestrator and duplicates the work

Does anyone have an idea of what might be happening?
Thanks a lot

eye / the two robots are published in the orchestrator and run through the uirobot

@borismh Did you check the queue? Were there duplicate entries ?

If yes, then there is an issue with the way you add the queue items.


Hello borismh,

While creating the queue in the orchestrator set the Unique Reference to “Yes”.


After this in your workflow while adding the queue item, in the Input properties pass a variable which will serve as a unique reference for your use case. For Eg: OrderID, BillNumber, CustomerID etc…


This will prevent duplicate entries from being added to the Orchestrator queue.

However, when you try to add the duplicate entry, the Add Queue Item will throw the following exception : “UiPath.Core.Activities.OrchestratorHttpException: Error creating Transaction. Duplicate Reference”

You should surround your Add Queue Item with Try catch block and catch the UiPath.Core.Activities.OrchestratorHttpException.
However, there might be other reasons for the activity throwing the OrchestratorHttpException.Thus, use a If condition in catch block to check if the exception contains the keyword Duplicate Reference.


Please check if this approach will work for you :slight_smile: .



This is my sequence that uploads data, is it a robot apart from framwork …, what would I have to configure?

Could you explain that to me of the ordernumber, it has to be a string variable, in what way would it be a unique transaction?

Thank you very much for answering, this robot is not in the framework, so I say about that varaible ordernumber


The unique reference variable could be String, Int etc…

Is there any unique value in the source file Clients.xlsx such as Client Id, Client Phone number, Client SSN no. etc which will serve as a unique identifier for each client.
If one unique identifier is not present use a combination of various coloumns which might make the value unique. Eg : Client first name + client last name + client phone number + client country etc…

Pass this variable in the reference property of add queue item activity.

The variable order number was just an example.
The idea behind using order number was that Ordernumber will be unique for each order in my use case.


Okay, thank you, that had not occurred to me


hello, one more question

my robot that uploads files is not in the framework and I already adapted it to the parameters you passed me


The robot that processes the data, if it is in a framework, do you believe that the parameters of the framework duplicate the data automatically? I pass you a screenshot of the part of the get transaction data


if condition was in

out transaction item is not nothing

I changed it recently by testing v:


your comment is always valid

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Fine is the status of the queue item is changed once after it is processed or even if failed, using SET TRANSACTION STATUS activity
If we do so we won’t face this issue because GET TRANSACTION ITEM will get the first queue item with New status (first in first out)

If we have any unique column with values then we can use them in Reference property but still we need to manage the status of that queue item only then it will not affect during next iteration

Cheers @borismh

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if I already put a unique reference in my process of uploading data to the orchestrator, but in the process robot, I have not made strong changes

the last thing I did not understand very well

In Process State are we handling set transaction status xaml @borismh
If so make sure that it changes the status of the processed transaction either to successful or failed
So that when new queue item is added with either in progress or new status we won’t face the duplicate issue

Cheers @borismh

I have verified the set transaction status and if it changes, I did not understand it well, but there it is confirmed whether it is correct or wrong.

also do not modify it, that part of the orchestrator

SetTransactionStatus.xaml (50.3 KB)

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