Add Queue Item - Error in Creating transaction in Queue

HI All

I have queue with 184 transaction (copying data from different excel, adding each row of excel to Queue) i am able to achieve some Rows successfully. Which is picking each transaction item from the Queue and processing it. I just find only the few transaction item is processed and status of queue changing to Successful. Remaining 120 items remain unporcesses please find the snapshot

Raw message: Object
message: Add Queue Item: Error creating Transaction. Duplicate Reference. Error code: 1016
level: Error
logType: Default
timeStamp: 2023-04-03T18:08:31.3622863-04:00
fingerprint: 1c383cd1-f965-4725-bdd7-645fcc8b07d0
machineName: WEBUIPMHPRODS01
fileName: ExtractingData&AddingToQueues
processVersion: 1.0.27
jobId: 5d486bf8-5bb7-4acb-8caa-8e35e8e4e335
robotName: prodrobot001-unattended
machineId: 34754
organizationUnitId: 46009

Hi @Sam_H ,

If you have enabled unique queue reference, then the robot won’t be able to add the queue items with same references.

Can you try creating a queue with this property unchecked and adding the items again



Hi @Sam_H

Try this

Hope this might help you.

Hi @Sam_H

While creating the queue disable unique reference option.

Hope it helps.

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