Need a suggestion to rectify this

I am having a "Attended Named User " and I tried to activate it in Orchestrator.
While I try to generate a license file it is throwing an error

What can the reason? and How to rectify this ? @loginerror @Pablito
It’s Urgent


Hi @Sudharsan_AIT,
Have you tried to contact support? It is hard to tell what can be wrong there.

Hi @Pablito
Sure I will do that

Hi @Pablito
Tell me one thing
For Example :
if activated the License Key in one machine
and after some time we need deactivate the license Key
and if we need to add the same license to the same machine ,whether we can do that ?
@loginerror @prasath17 @Palaniyappan @NIVED_NAMBIAR


I think this might answer your question:

A user consumes a license when it is defined in Orchestrator, regardless of the number of machines it is defined on. However, the user cannot connect from more than one machine at a time. Please take into account this only works with Active Directory users. If you have local users, each of them is counted and consumes a license.