Named user license (Attended Mode)


Suppose we have 1 Named User License.
If we have connected a machine (Desktop, US datcenter) as per Named user license

If we disconnect from there, can we connect same license on another machine (different desktop with India datacenter) with differnent AD user

If yes, then how to do that
Do we need to use machine template and floating bots, then we can connect to new machine after removing first machine from orchestrator ?

Hi @rajat.dhammi,
I think it will be totally manual actions as Named User license related only to one defined users if you need to use it with another one you have to disconnect Robot on this machine and connect to the second one but with manual action I was facing this issue and i did search and only get that conclusion hope some have answer for that

Hi @mahmoud.zaky ,
Please let me know what do you mean by manual actions?

If I disconnect bot from one machine, would I be able to connect on other machine ( both machines have different AD users)

you can do it by disconnect the first machine Robot and licenses then connect the second user again it will be like you will add the license for the first time… Named users mean that this licenses will work on specific user but you can disconnect and let Attended robot licenses free not utilized then connect it to another user that’s what i mean with Manual action.

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okay @mahmoud.zaky

Thanks for the info that we can use named user license on any different machine as well by disconnecting from first connected machine :fist_right: :fist_left:

Hello @mahmoud.zaky ,
I have checked on this with some other friends as well and they confirmed that:

Simply disconnecting is not enough.
You need to deactivate the licence in that machine then only you can use it on other machine

Hi @rajat.dhammi ,
that’s i mentioned in below Comment to disconnect License and Robots. :slight_smile:

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