Necessity for "retry mechanism" in test suite

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Recently I have started working on Test Automation. Test automation project comes with a default frame work of “Given-when-Then”. This framework is pretty linear. It does not have a retry mechanism. We need a retry mechanism for test suite projects. Right now, if some test case fails with an application exception, script will stop at that point. Now it could be because of a genuine product issue, or script issue. We do not want to bring this failure to the notice of product team if it is a script issue.
We can overcome this with retry mechanism. We should have an option within the scheduler to set the value for retry if a test case fails*(Like we set retry for queues)*.

Having retry mechanism for test cases has the following advantages.

  1. If all retry attempts failed, then the failure is probably consistent and reproducible. I would expect it to be a clear functional failure that would be fast and easy to report. I jump on these first to get them out of the way.
  2. If some retry attempts passed, then the failure is intermittent, and it will probably take more time to investigate. I will look more closely at the logs and screenshots to determine what went wrong. I will try to exercise the product behavior manually to see if the product itself is inconsistent. I will also review the automation code to make sure there are no unhandled race conditions. I might even need to rerun the test multiple times to measure a more accurate failure rate.


Hi Hawkins,

thx a lot for your feedback.

Atm we offer a global Exception Handler and Execution Templates.

We understand that those onboard capabilities are not flexible enough for your needs, which is why we have logged a feature request for a more flexible and configurable recovery mechanism for Test Cases.

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@ThomasStocker Thanks for the response. Good to know that a request was made for the retry mechanism. Will await for the same.

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