Re execute failed test cases automatically


Is there a way to re execute failed test cases, or test set automatically in UiPath Orchestrator?


Follow this:

-Within your workflow, you can use the Retry Scope activity. This activity allows you to set the number of retries for a specific set of activities. If the activities fail, the Retry Scope will trigger the specified number of retries.
-Ensure that your workflow has appropriate exception handling. If a test case fails, your exception handling should catch the error and trigger a retry or other recovery mechanism.
-In Orchestrator, you can set up triggers to re-execute jobs that have failed. You can configure this by setting rules for failed job statuses to automatically rerun.
If you’re using queues in Orchestrator for running test cases, you can configure queue processing. Failed items can be retried based on specific settings within the queue configuration.

Thanks and Cheers!