Navigating Collapsible Menu using the keyboard in Java Applets

Hello there,

I am trying to automate the menu navigation within a JAVA APPLET. It is a collapsible menu. When I tried recording using the Web or Basic, the clicking action has no effect and is not being recorded properly. In such case I am forced to use the keyboard navigation by pressing down keys which works well for Java Applet I see.

However, I have this peculiar idea (and queries):

How to accurately design flow to move cursor to arbitrary menu item withing collapsible list. That means if I have a variable named - strMenuItemToBeClicked (which gives me more control which item I want to move the selector cursor to), and I want the robot to search and navigate by keyboard. How do I solve this ?

I hope I am being clear here. Here is a snapshot of the list (Inside a Java Applet):

After some search, got to know that the technology used is Oracle EBS.

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