Java Applet Click issue

Dear Friends. I need to complete an automation task with java applet base System. But there is an issue in mouse click to identify Blue rounded OK button. It identify red rounded area in background applet. Can anyone suggest solution is highly appreciate.
It success if front window move away
Note. Try to done using move window,



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Try sending hot keys to click that button or use Click Image activity.

Thanks Brother. Yes i am trying on hot keys now. How can we use click image activity please?

Hi @Dhanushka_Gunasinghe ,

Click Image might not be the right approach here, since there is a chance that the color or font could change, which can increase the chances of failure.

Ideally, the UI Explorer should be able to capture the window, since you are using Java isn’t there a plugin for it?

Could you try using the UI Explorer and see if you are able to locate the element?
If not, then go with Keystrokes.

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Ashwin A.K


Hi @Dhanushka_Gunasinghe ,

Identifying the element it’s just a design-time issue. Therefore, try to manually move the pop-up to the right such that no other window overlaps with it, and try to get the selector after that.

Hi @Dhanushka_Gunasinghe

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Even i deal with similar Application.

Please drag the Java window to be indicated to the side of the screen and try indicating on “Ok”, that should indicate “Ok” button.

Let me know if you still face any issue.

Please find Screen Shot for Reference

Thanks Brother… As you told i done this using Hot Key…

Thanks Brother, add manual task in between automation process not suitable i think . I use hot key and done the task. thanks for support

Yes. that possible to but drag is manual process ? Move windows doesn’t work in this scenario.
i used hot key and complete task. Thanks for information

Hi @Dhanushka_Gunasinghe

I meant you can use to indicate the elements by Dragging , but when running the process the bot should automatically identify the elements and click.

Anyway you are going with hotkeys. Thanks

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That is not needed. At runtime, the robot finds the element by the selector, and doesn’t really care about the position. You just need to get a good selector at design time.

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