How to automate Java applet in Oracle EBS applications



Hi folks,

I am trying to automate a Oracle EBS transaction which includes data entry and retrieval from java applet. I couldn’t find the exact selector for elements in the java Applet.

When I try to indicate the element using UiExplorer, the selectors are showing same for all the elements and UiPath is entering all the data in the first element itself.

Eg ; <java idx='1' role='panel' />

Does UiPath supports Oracle EBS Applications which involves java applets ?? Is there any alternate way to achieve this ? It would be of great help if any one has ideas on this.

Vishal Kumar


Hi folks,

Any insights on this EBS Automation using UiPath?

Vishal Kumar


facing the same issue.found any solution for that @vishal.kumar


Use short cuts and Type into , dont rely on selectors.

Once you click though the navigator window ,
use On element appear to detect the applet window which would be loaded. Once the Applet opens up , the Form which you wan tto work on would be top most and active.

From here on , use keys like "“TAB” “UP” “DOWN” to navigate to the fields you need to enter,. Refer Oracle apps Keyboard Shortcuts list. and try to perform your activity with short cuts.
As for entering the data , use Type into activity , dont provide any selector. That ways Type into would execute wherever the cursor is positioned.

Hope this helps