Oracle Form based application - Switching between java applet forms

Hi there,
I am trying to switch between the multiple forms withing an java applet window (Oracle EBS) application which is spawn by IE.

Automated script should switch window arbitrarily by title or appropriate selector.
Has anyone successfully get through this automation?

However, the Citrix activity still fails to identify the Radio button and the interact with collapsible menu, which sucks so I used the on screen controls or send hot keys.
Also, need to take care about all the delays between the applet rendering which can be slow.

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I found the solution. Since the EBS applet forms support the keyboard based navigation/shortcuts, they do support switching between the forms by sending the main applet window hot keys viz. Alt + f + w + f . Use this withing the attach window and this works fine.
Also, for interacting with with the Applet Lists, buttons, and the Input fields the CITRIX ACTIVITIES should be used.

However, the Citrix still does not recognizes the radio buttons and the collapsible tree menus. So had to use the send hot keys. Also, applet UI can be slow, so deal with GUI delays.


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