Java application - selecting item from submenu

Team need help ,

how to select item from sub menu list ,whch expands when clicked on menu item .

  1. i click on on menu button with text “xyz”, it will show the submenu bar with list of items
    2 ) need to select one item from submenu lists say “hello”

i have tried using click im able to click only menu item ,how to navigate to all the items in submenu ? and select my desired item ? as it is disappearing when i move out of the window , java application

Click main button of menu and click F2
show sub menu in 3 secods
after 3, click item in sub menu

Hi @sainath1

Any chance you could provide a screenshot of how it looks like?

Normally you can also use Send hotkey activity with ALT and whatever letter is underscored for each menu item, for example Alt+fs might be File->Save


i tried sending keys alt+w it is not performing any actions ? before that do i need to validate window ? is there any way to continue my execution from current sequence and not from starting ?

tried not working ,i kept my scree active and ran it is not performing any actions

I had sometimes such problems with the menu items (ALt + underscored letter not doing anything) - I resolved by sending ALT right right down down right enter if I am explaining myself.

maybe this works for you?

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thank you ,
i m trying to give down,down,right, enter in input- key it is not working it is only taking one down ?

i dont want to do the sequence again to make another downs , correct me if i’m wrong
im getting "element operation exception "

I believe you need to send those keys separately (each down with a separate Send Hotkey activity)

I did with type into and targeting the whole application window. like this


@AlexJank thank you man , it worked for me :slight_smile:
any practice tips on SWT java UI? how to regularize the objects as we do in traditional automation tools ? like getting run time object ? comparing and validating ?

ty @loginerror , i tried . trying to just minimize the activities

I completely get it :slight_smile:
I think @AlexJank solution is the most elegant in this case