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Hi guys, I have started learning using UI path. I am trying to navigate to a website using navugate to activities. The URl is in the following format: “https://test URL/search-recipes/?q=”+FruitName.

I need to click one of the items from the result list , it would open a new page with item detail, From this detail page need to add few information to excel table.

How do i achieve this?

Thank you

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Use Attach Browser activity after Navigate TO activity and indicate that new opened page and perform what actions you want to do it


The attached image, this is the result page from navigate to URl. Now i need to click on any images, that does not have a FEATURED banner, and clicking would open a new page with that item detail.

Can it be done through attache browser??


To check whether item contains featured or not then we need to see the selector once.

Could you show me screenshot of selectors for both items featured and other one. So that i can check help you.

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Here is the screenshot of HTMl element for featured and non featured.

Please suggest me , once i navigate to this each result page > how do i click on non featured image and then open new page and scrap certain information.

Thank you

Hi @prabin_poudel,

May i know what exactly you want to get from the website… if you click on the image it takes you to the new page which is having all the product info… so there you want to get the product data to excel file…??

Please update…

Hi Suresh, I need to know hod do i
Click the image > open new page > get all product info > get page title name and a particular h3 tag to save in excel

Fine buddy…
1.Use open browser activity…
2.Click activity indicate the image do you want to click… give some delay so that browser will navigate to particular product page…
3.use get text activity and store info in a variable… (variable name = title)
4.use excel application scope… use write range activity inside it and save the product detail to excel using column name…example: row(“Title”) = title (that is get text variable name)

Hope you understand…


Thank you, it worked

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