Read Excel file, for each row, navigate to URL in cell


I have an Excel file that has a list of URLs in column A. I’m trying to build a robot that will read that file and for each row, navigate to the URL, scrape data (if it exists) and return it to the Excel file. I can get the browser to open, but I can’t get the robot to enter the URL in the address bar of the browser. Any help would be appreciated.

  1. Use Read Range activity to read excel file, and create a variable(dt) for that activity.
  2. Use For Each Row activity for dt you have created before.
  3. Inside the body of the For Each Row activity, insert Navigate To activity with row(“columnname”).
    3a. After navigating, use data scrape and create excel file using DataTable.

Hi @EMueller

loop the Column data and just use Navigate activity inside attach browser activity and pass the URL to navigate to next page


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Inside the open browser scope place navigateURL activity and pass your url variable

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Thanks. “Navigate To” activity is what I was looking for.

My issue is now trying to get the data from the page. I’m copying the header which is at H1, that works, but I’m trying to get the path to an image if an image exists. I tried the ‘Get Text’ activity, but that doesn’t work.

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