Auto navigate the menu list ? How to select that in UiPath

Hi Team,
I Want to select the below screenshot show as like but I don’t know how to achieve this in UI path can anyone help me!!
All menu is no need to click in that EG:- In The “Practice management” menu my cursor went there then display -->licensing/contracting
This Menu, I need move my cursor to this menu compensation/production ~~ List of 4 options available in that I need to select the View commission this alone click event how can I achieve this in a simple manner

Can Anyone able to explain to me !!!


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Hey @RaviDevaraj you can use click activities for each of them.
The steps would be:
1.Use an attach browser and indicate the webpage
2. Use a click activity for clicking Practice Management(Indicate Practice Management)
3. Use a Click activity for clicking Compensation/Production(Same, by indicating it)
4. Another click activity for clicking View Commissions

Niket Ghai

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throws an error

@RaviDevaraj not sure try once use attach browser inside open browser

ok sure i will try

I have tried once again same error only throws in Attached Browser