Native Citrix implementation queries

Hi All,

We are planning to move from traditional citrix automation to Native citrix. Already the run time component is installed in server side. Below are my queries-

  1. If we install Citrix plugin is there any impact on existing code?
  2. What all changes required from coding perspective?
  3. If we use native citrix in one server/machine in production machine but normal citrix automation in other servers- is there any impact? We have different partners so some of them may not accept to install a run time component in their citrix machines.
  4. Is there any changes in Orchestrator point of view?
  5. Can we still automate as before after moving to native citrix feature?

Please answer these soon.

I suppose you read the documentation article

No, existing code will run like before using the image based automation.

If you wan to benefit from the run time component you will need to switch from image based activities (e.g. ImageExists) to selector based activities (e.g. Element Exists).

A process designed to use image based automation will run regardless the run time component is installed or not. A process designed to use selector based automation will only run when the run time component is installed.




Thank you J0ska.

Another query the uipath runtime component to be installed in citrix server where applications are hosted right?

Yes, correct.