Can we perform automation for application residing in Citrix server without Uipath Remote Runtime component


I have a Studio 2020.4.1 environment. I want to perform some automation for fetching information from applications that reside inside a Citrix Server.
It is a web application and it is accessible only through the Citrix Server.
Neither can I install Studio nor can I can install UiPath Remote Runtime component on the Citrix machine

Due to this I am not able to connect to the application inside citrix server from my Client machine.
Is there a way to automate without the Runtime Component required to be installed?
Please help. How to work when there are no permissions to install in the Citrix environment?

I am also trying to find a way to do this. Any help would be appreciated.

just want to share my thoughts ,dont know whether it works or not for you
cant you go with image automation ?
after navigating to specific page through win+r in citrix , you may use some hotkeys to fetch data.