Working with UIPath and Citrix


I’m evaluating UIPath as RPA, and I have some doubts about how it works with Citrix. I did some tests and when I work with Citrix I just received just an image, so I can’t interact with it easily… Doing some research I see that there is a plugin to solve these issues, but this plugin has to be installed at Citrix Server.

Is it possible to do some automatization without this plugin?



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Yes we need to install UiPathRunTime application in Citrix machine to work with Citrix.

If you don’t want to install it then you can use Computer Vision activities to work with Citrix automation but we need to separate license to use it.

Thanks! As I see If I use Computer Vision activities I just can read content or click on buttons, links,etc… , isn’t it?
So, the only way to interact with a webpage (add text in inputs) in Citrix, is using UIPathRunTime, isn’t it?

Hi @javier.corralg

Try to use the “Recording → Native Citrix”


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