My xaml file is running in My system but if i schedule in Orchestrator throws an error!



Hi Team
Hi @ovi
one of my xaml file while executing in my local system is running fine when i am executing in orchestrator throws an error !!
see the error screenshot below :

how to solve this ?


@RaviDevaraj: From the error message looks like the Save Image activity is receiving an empty value. Save Image has only 2 Input Properties:
FileName - The full file path where you want to save the image, and its name.
Note: All strings have to be placed between quotation marks.

Image - The image that you want to save to your disk. Only Image variables are supported.


Hi @PD2

In save image Activity I also used these two property only and save image in IMG variable only but it is not working fine.
But the entire xaml file running correctly when I trigger from my local system but if I scheduled from orchestrator means through an error.
Any issues in Orchestrator side !??


Hello Ravi,

PD2 is right, this error occurs when it is not finding image from the given path or it is not able to read the image hence it is throwing error. Is it possible if you could share the workflow to analyze further?


Hi @pawanbag @PD2

please find the xaml file Main.xaml (53.5 KB)

Note : While i am executing in my Local system it’s working fine. But if i Schedule in Orchestrator it’s not working fine throws an error

Please help me


Hi @RaviDevaraj
Read text file activity is not assigned the full path.
The published project does not have a default folder.
And the published project never access a source project folder.


Hi @tango
error shoes on Save image itself

But [quote=“tango, post:6, topic:29773”]
Read text file activity is not assigned the full path.
Ok i will try and let him know it’s working fine or not


@RaviDevaraj: Going back to your error on Save image, the img variable is being returned with null values from the Take screenshot activity. Can you try putting a selector to the take screenshot activity.


Hi @PD2 quote=“PD2, post:8, topic:29773”]
Can you try putting a selector to the take screenshot activity.
I have done that for my Take Screenshot Activity. you can find it


@RaviDevaraj: It is not available in your attached workflow, for some reason I don’t see it:


hi @PD2
i have avalue can you please find the screenshot:

selector : “wnd app=‘iexplore.exe’ cls=‘IEFrame’ title=‘QCommission - Internet Explorer’”


Hi @tango
No use i have give a full path in Read text file then also it shows an error ?
while scheduling along throws an error
But if i execute on my system it’s working fine
How it is possible?



Hi @RaviDevaraj
I’m sorry.
I had misunderstood Orchestrator deployment.
Orchestrator delivers the package and all files under the project folder.
So we can use relative folders.
You are correct. :sweat_smile:


**Hi @tango @PD2 @pawanbag **

Hi all,I find the root cause the issues and i will illustrate the problem here and give a solution for me

In my xaml File each time i execute at the time take screen shot activity doing that process so for that repeatedly so many screenshot are available in my location and saveing in my location path and also then to send a email activity at the time from that location i need to pick the attachment file so which file i need to take don’t know that’s why the error occurs :“Object reference not set to an instance of an object”

So while taking a screenshot and save an image in one location for that each time i need to save in different different name Eg : Sample 1,Sample2,Sample3,…
But now i am saving image in Current Date and time only. to over come this default we can give one name and then 1,2,3,…,.,.,…while each time storing a image it is possible !!



Hi all @ovi @badita

can you please provide an idea for this issues ?
Any other alternative way is there to over come this