Automation1 error

Hi Friends

I am getting this error.

Could you please resolve this errrors.

May I know at which activity this error occurred
And try to see whether the TIMEOUTMS property is with no value which means it is set to 30 seconds by default


Hi @ Palaniyappan

I cannot able to identify at which activity i am getting error.

Fine let’s run in debug mode and see where it is getting stopped


Ok i Will do it.

Same error i am getting again

But it would have stopped in a activity right
Pls mention the name of the activity

i have ran xaml file in debug mode only.

Here it is not stopping at any activity.
Error i am getting

Could you please help me.

Usually when you run in debug mode it will stop at the activity where it is getting failed

Pls press ctrl+F5


Ok i will do it.

inside message activity

Shall i send Xaml File to you then

Shall i send Xaml file to you then

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