Save image

cannot find the folder to save, gives an error


Please print this in the write line activity and check what value it is printing. I think the path is not valid with this combination.


this seems like a folder path, you need to provide the full file path e.g. "C:\test\image.png"

so make sure your path contains the filename as well

Framework/Process.xaml: Value for a required activity argument ‘To’ was not supplied.
i got the error

did you print the file path? whats the value

and in which activity are you getting this exception?

from Queue

I put the data scraping output on queue

I don’t have a problem with the log message.
i have a problem with save image

Hi @Yurdanur_Yusuf
Try this expression in the filename for testing purposes and let’s see what happens


This is trying to save to a folder “European Countries” in the project root folder. You should give a full path like "c:\temp\European Countries" for example

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