My robot was disconnected in orchestrator

Hi this is robot was disconnected in orchestrator.i re installed my robot but its show same issues can you please resolve my problem

Hi ,
Did you setup the robot on the machine, with the orchestrator URL and Key in the system tray setting tab?
Please check this .

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What is the significance of the Orchestrator url ? My Tenant url is different.

I was facing the same issue and I changed the url - Previously I was using as mentioned in the training material.

My robot is also showing disconnected. Please guide what setting are required on system or on orchestrator for this to work properly.

i am facing same issue

I know this is an old post, but I was having the same issue and here is what I did to resolve it:

In the UIPath Assistant in the “WINDOWS” task bar, then Clicked my profile, select preferences: Orchestrator Settings: Sign out

Then signed back in and I got the green light icon.

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