My retry scope doesn't work

This is in Word Application Scope. I am using the retry scope to keep scrolling the Word Document until it finds “places for staff” and click on it.

However, it only scroll once or twice and the RPA stops running.

Please help. Thank you!

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Buddy @zefang
in retry scope properties
we will be having a property where we can define the Number of Retries and i think as it s mentioned as 3 it just scrolls down three time…try to put the maximum no of retries so that it would work
your condition looks good and so it should work for sure
Cheers @zefang

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hi @zefang,

Please check the properties pane of the retry scope activity , there you will find a numberOFretries by default it is 3. so after three times it stops automatically. so Increase the number beyond a threshold at which you could find the particular word.

Shiva Karthik

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@Shiva_Karthik @Palaniyappan

thank you for your reply. I have changed it. However, it just scroll past the “Places for staff” and doesnt click on it. :frowning:

Kindly make sure that the image dragged on for both image exists and click image exactly and increase the image accuracy in image exists and click image property to 0.5 or 0.3
and then try buddy @zefang
Hope it would work

@Palaniyappan the accuracy is 0.8 here though

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the more you set the accuracy the more the bot will look for accuracy
so here we can reduce the accuracy and try buddy
Cheers @zefang

Also try to mention the scope of the image where we want to find and click
and you can do that by clicking here both in click and find image
Cheers @zefang

@Palaniyappan I tried redragging, reducing the accuracy and mentioned the scope to no avail. :confused:

buddy lets check whether the image exists work first @zefang
get the output of retry scope and store it a variable of type boolean and name it out_boolean, and in the variable panel set this variable a default value of false
–then next to retry scope use a write line activity and mention this boolean variable like this
–if it prints true, it has found the image and if it shows false, the default value set by us, it has not found the image yet
–if image idendified, the problem is with click and if image not identified problem is with image exists activity
Cheers @zefang

Let me give it a try

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I tried your method but the error did not show up in the output.

So I used debugged

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Buddy in send hot key, select the screen where you want to use pgdn key
i tried similarly with same activities it is working fine buddy @zefang
Kindly check once
Lets try to sort this out

Sorry. I dont get what you are trying to say @Palaniyappan

No Worries
mention this one @zefang, the screen where you want to scroll down

@Palaniyappan indicate on screen to where i want to check if the image exist?


doesnt work :frowning:

Were you able to select that as a element…buddy @zefang

@Palaniyappan no. as word doc has no structure, i could only drag it

@Palaniyappan Hi?

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