Retry Scope- help

Hello can anyone help me into this? I want to use retry scope in this activity but it is not working?Can anyone tell me Where i am wrong.
Here i mentioned in the condition Element exist as “mobile page” but when it does not exist then atleast it will try for 3 times,but this is not working like that.
Please tell where i am doing wrong?

I am attaching me Xaml activity. Please help
Retry.xaml (14.0 KB)

@Anjali_Rani ,

Please watch this video, you will know what is wrong in your ReTry scope condition…
Happy Automation

Hi i tried this one but the problem is, My retry scpe is working correctly on debug mode like when i use step into, then it is working fine but when i running the program it is failing. Can you help me into this?

Looks like it is not getting sync. Please try to use delay and run.

Thank you, it is working :+1:

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