Retry scope not working


I have a situation :
there is a download button which lead to download a file and it takes some time to download so i have used the time out for the same to 10 minutes, but some times its don’t download but it dose if its tries 1-2 times, so i used retry scope for the same but it looks likes its not working though, what could possible the reason?? or am i doing it wrong?? just a newbie in UiPath and RPA.

along with the retry scope i have also attached the image of the download property


Fine the way you are using the retry scope is perfect but we need to make some small changes with the properties
Like staring from the retry scope
—increase the number of retries from 3 to 10 or to a appropriate value you need but on hig my number
And rather to increase the time out click increase the time out of element exists to 10 mins that looks so high but if you want you can go for 10 mins @indrajit.shah
Cheers @indrajit.shah


Like this?


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I think you might have some confusion, or maybe you didn’t explain it very well.
Essentially, you click the Download button, Then, you need to wait for some time for the Save/Open message to show up.

The 10minute timeout should be on either the Element Exists for the Save/Open or not use that and use the next Click with the timeout. The timeout on the Download button that starts the download should be based no how long the webpage loads to that point, which I suspect you have other actions before it, so the timeout would be 0 or very low. But, correct me if you really do have a long loading time before you can click the Download button.

So, I’m thinking the root of the problem is how the mouse is interacting with the button. You might try using “Simulate Click” in case the mouse cursor is glitching when it tries to click the button.

If you want the Retry scope, that is fine too, but the 10minute timeout should be in the Element Exist in the Condition part of the Retry. Also, most definitely change that 4:00 delay to 00:00:00 because it’s already waiting for 10 minutes for the download message.

Those are my thoughts.



But have any one
Either in the element exists with 10 mins timeoutms
In the retry scope with 4 mins ( keep as 00:00:00)
On the whole it will become 14 mins
That’s why
And make sure that the properties of click like simulate click is enabled and wait for ready property is set to complete
Cheers @indrajit.shah

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The download button is always there but after i click on download it takes very much time to download that file, and in many case when download button is clicked a loader appers and stay there until the file download popup comes but in many cast e even after the loader finish the download file/popuo was not there.

If i do this job manually some time I have to click 2-3 time to get the download item.

Hope i can clear my situation/scenario.

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So it seems like the issue is not with the clicking on download Button and the issue is with the appearance of the pop up
Make sure that the element exists is used to check the same and hope this would work
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @indrajit.shah

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Yeah, try it out and make sure you wait the full 10minutes to see if it tries to click the button again, so you know if it is waiting long enough, etc.

Another method which is more dynamic is to look for the loader and wait until it is hidden. Then, look for the Download message. But, this is a little more complicated because a loader screen is difficult to detect sometimes if you have never done it.

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Yes i will give it a try, will update once done, as i have bunch of queries on the POC i am doing as somehow i m failed to complete.


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@Palaniyappan and @ClaytonM
I mad the below changes but still this didn’t fix my issue