How do you do it


Hi there!

I am curious to know some of your experiences with RPA processes at your firm. How much has RPA evolved at your place, how is the end user reacting to the RPA etc? I would also like to know some technical details like how are you informing your users of robot errors etc.
We currently have only two robots with no orchestrator, we use excel sheets where robot logs its results and SVN for code versioning.
Can you describe your RPA architecture maybe?

Would love to hear other experiences



I changed the oil for the first time after applying the filter with an anti-drain valve on the “Opelevka block” (fram PH3387a).
He drew attention to the filter outlet on the unit, so it seems to me that the use of filters with a drain valve does not have

meaning. The supply oil channel is at the very top of the “outlet”, the oil will not flow back into the pump anyway. Screw the good old mahle OC90

designed for these cars, the pressure control lamp goes out as well as with the anti-drain fram PH3387a, but now it’s warm

in the mornings (+7), if I catch a frost, I observe how the OS90 behaves


We have just started developing solutions with RPA, long way to go