My chrome extension is not working properly

Hi Ananthu,thanks for the comment!
Solved it !!!
You are the angel!!

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After i remove the uipath extension again i added the chrome in setup menu throws an error see below !!


It’s not working for me !!! @Ananthu @yangbo

Actually I downloaded latest version google chrome and restart PC and it finnally resolved.
However I did not find the root cause.
Can you download latest google chrome and try?

Done the same then also no use

same error !!!

HI Team

All possibilities i have tried no use to get the result here ?

And i uninstall the UiPath and i re-install too no use [–>to get the chrome Extension ]

Hi there,

I found that the Extension relate registries created under CURRENT_USER only, but somehow the extension seem trying to pull value from LOCAL_MACHINE instead.

So i tested:

  • Copy file ‘C:\Users<User ID>\AppData\Local\UiPath\manifest.json’ to where every ID on machine can access eg. ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Platform\UiPath\BrowserExtension’.
  • Create new Key ‘com.uipath.chromenativemsg’ under ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Google\Chrome\NativeMessagingHosts’

  • Then enable Enable NativeMessagingHostWhitlist by adding ‘com.uipath.chromemenativemsg’ into its value. If you see * , you may replace it. (* is default which block everything, so that i put the value that refer to chrome extension anyway).

These steps allow my Chrome Extension to have Selector properly.

Hope this help.



I found that the Community Edition installs itself under %localappdata% while the Enterprise Edition installs under C:\Program Files(x86). The problem, as it turned out to be in my case, is that my user folder contains a special character “BjørnH”, and so the plugin fails to execute.

When I installed the Enterprise trial, it worked right away.

So; I hope UiPath will adjust their installer to allow the end user to choose the installation folder.

Amazing workaround thanks !

Thank you for sharing.

NativeMessagingHosts is missing in my registry. What should i do then ? how do i fix it. I am having the uipath extension which says “Cannot communicate with the browser check uipath extension.”
Please help me in fixing it.

You may create it under HKEY_LOCAL_Machine\Software\Google\Chrome.

I had the same issue, and ultimately believe it has to do with my username containing non-English characters.

The Community Edition installs under C:\Users\[Username]… while the Enterprise edition installs under C:\Program Files (x86)\…

My workaround was to sign up for and install the Enterprise trial which will revert to Community Edition after the trial ends. This lets you keep the installation under C:\Program Files (x86), and spares you any issues with uncommon characters in the user name.

I had the same issue. Mine was fixed by editing the crx_manifest JSON file. The allowed_origins property was wrong. It was pointing to a wrong extension ID. After I replaced it with the correct one everything work like a charm.
I even wrote a comprehensive article on how I manage to fix the issue Learn how to fix the UiPath Chrome extension error

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Be careful there are two different versions of UiPath Chrome Extensions !
Deprecated version :

Newest version : UiPath Web Automation - Chrome Web Store


Thank you @fahuet.
Installing the deprecated Chrome extension was the issue in my case.
This is the perfect and the right solution to the issue as it fixes the root cause.

not working for me

I’ve just resolved this issue by running the Chrome setup file. I did not uninstall, I just went to the Chrome directory, found the setup.exe, and ran it.

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Installing this link has got my Chrome extension working again. Thank you!

To reinstall and save latest configuration made by reinstalling, you need to first make sure than ‘preference’ file in directory “C:\Users{Username}\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default” is not read only.

Uipath or Chrome should be able to save changes made in this file.